Something about Us?

Our story begins with a journey to find durable but stylish outdoor furniture.

Living on the coast of Southern California, our chairs and tables go through a lot. While the seasons are mild, your furniture must withstand the ocean salt spray, a near-constant assault from the sun, and even the occasional rain shower, drastically reducing its longevity. Trust us, we’ve been through our share. Finally, we came across something that sounded too good to be true: a heavy-duty, all-weather chair that offered a painted wood-like appearance.


Since 2010...

PolyTEAK® has over 10 years of experience in outdoor furniture. Through our continuous experiments and mistakes, we now offer the most sophisticated material production technology to each of our customers.


We started this company to develop durable, stylish outdoor furniture. During the process of our exploration, we discover more social responsibilities that require us to step in. We realize that plastic pollution and deforestation are causing the greatest harm to many natural lives. We do our best to contribute to environment-friendly activities and protect our mother earth for not only us and our future generations. . . One Earth, One Family.

Where we start

Our company was founded and based in sunny southern California. We have warehouse locations on the East & West Coast. Our regional team ensures a high-quality customer experience and a smooth customer service process.

Why we try

Traditional poly-lumber like HDPE is suitable for use in outdoor furniture, but it leaves much to be desired in appearance and style: the overall appearance is mottled, the feel is waxy and it doesn't look much like wood. Over the years, we try to upgrade the Poly lumber and bring our customers better quality and better-looking outdoor furniture. Finally, we found the perfect material. We Present: PolyTEAK® Premium HIPS Recyclable Lumber

What are we looking for

When designing our own furniture products, we knew that things could look so much better while still offering the same durability and easy maintenance. With our PolyTEAK® Premium HIPS Recyclable Lumber, a unique enviromental- friendly material that actually looks and feels like real teak wood! We will continueasly develop new designs and lunch new collections.