Outdoor Seating Design Inspiration: Ideas for Your Fire Pit, Porch, and More!

Outdoor Seating Design Inspiration: Ideas for Your Fire Pit, Porch, and More!

Your backyard, garden, or patio can be your haven, but sometimes you still need some outdoor design inspiration. We are here to help! All of us here at PolyTEAK are passionate about the outdoors, whether it be outdoor seating and chairs, fire pit design, or garden tips and tricks. As such, we’ve gathered some of our favorite outdoor design inspiration ideas to share with you.

Outdoor Seating Design Inspiration: Fire Pit Ideas

Outdoor Seating Design Inspiration for Fire Pit Seating

Fire pits are a great addition to any outdoor living space, no matter the season. Whether your fire pit is store-bought, built, or DIY, there are many creative choices for outdoor seating.

Sunken fire pits offer a beautiful little escape in your backyard and can be either minimal or rustic, depending on the style of seating you choose.

Outdoor Seating Design Inspiration: Minimal Style

If you have a concrete fire pit or a concrete area of your yard, you can either lean into the modern style with your seating design or add some softer touches with accessories and warmer tones. Adirondack chairs and benches are great options for positioning around a fire pit, no matter the style.

Outdoor Seating Design Inspiration: Rustic Bench by the Fire

A mix of modern and traditional styles can make an interesting combination for your backyard, garden, or patio area. If you have a geometric shaped firepit such as a square, you can pair it with a Modern Adirondack chair to maintain a clean, contemporary style. A Modern Adirondack chair offers the timeless, iconic look of the Adirondack chair, but with a new twist.

Outdoor Seating Design Inspiration for Porch & Patio

Our top pick for porch outdoor seating design inspiration is a classic: the rocking chair! You can never go wrong with a timeless rocking chair. Your outdoor rocking chair should be sturdy, durable, and reliable, but the realistic wood look and feel brings out a certain sense of nostalgia. That’s exactly why we developed our unique PolyTEAK poly lumber formula, so you can enjoy that authentic feeling without having to constantly replace your porch staples after only a few years of use.

Outdoor Seating Design Inspiration: Rocking Chairs for Your Porch

Furthermore, rocking chairs can be easily accessorized to fit your unique style. Add seasonal throw pillows and decorations to your porch to achieve a well-rounded look. On the other hand, you could keep your decorations minimal for a simple, elegant porch or patio design.

Outdoor Seating Design Inspiration for Deck & Pool

For your deck and pool area, there are a few options for outdoor seating design inspiration. However, whether you have a beach theme or a sailing theme, a classic Adirondack chair is always a great choice. Choose bright or vibrant colors for your outdoor seating for a summery look and feel. Make your deck and pool area your staycation station!

Outdoor Seating Design Inspiration: Poolside Style

Furthermore, try adding some shade to your seating space with a patio umbrella. Keep cool and comfortable outdoors, even on the brightest days. 

Outdoor Seating Design Inspiration: Patio Umbrellas to Add Shade

In conclusion, outdoor seating design inspiration can come from anywhere: friends, family, magazines, the internet, or even film and television. These are just a few of our favorite seating ideas for your fire pit, porch, and more. If you have any ideas you’d like to share with us, feel free! Shoot us an email at info@polyteakoutdoor.com or join our mailing list. 

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