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Walmart Wreath Accessories

Holiday DIY to Make the Season Bright

As a part of this season of giving, PolyTEAK is excited to give back! Now you can join us as we craft for a cause. All of us here at PolyTEAK fell in love with these adorable holiday Wreath Accessories which are designed and made by a small business that is struggling. We are proud to partner with Walmart to support smaller businesses during this holiday season. Furthermore, most importantly, with every purchase of these accessories from participating Walmart locations, PolyTEAK will donate $1 to Unicef to help children in need across the world.

Here is how it works:

  1. First, purchase a Wreath Accessory from a participating Walmart store. Visit your local Walmart to choose from 11 different styles!
  2. Text a picture of your receipt as proof of purchase to 714-855-0551
  3. Finally, for every receipt we receive, PolyTEAK will donate $1 to Unicef

Now once you have your Wreath Accessory, you are ready to get crafting!


Before getting started, here is what you will need:

-Wreath accessory – we chose this adorable Santa Claus, but you can use the Snowman, or any of the 11 styles offered at Walmart! Remember to please use caution when assembling, as there are wires attached.
-Medium-sized foam wreath (approximately 15-16 inches)
-Any additional ornaments! Our wreath came with pinecones and berries, but feel free to get creative with your extra decorations
Walmart Wreath Accessory  Walmart Wreath DIY  Walmart Wreath Accessory

Holiday DIY: Step 1

Lay out all your pieces and play with how you want them arranged on your wreath. Remember, you can always get creative with how you want to position the arms. See what looks best (or funniest) and then you can get started!

 Walmart DIY Wreath Accessory

Holiday DIY: Step 2

For the big center piece we found it best to insert the wire into the inside of the top portion of the wreath. Prepare the wire by bending it as pictured below.

DIY Wreath Accessories

Holiday DIY: Step 3

Gently insert the wire into the wreath as shown, making sure it’s secure.

DIY Wreath Accessory By Walmart

DIY Wreath Accessory By Walmart

Holiday DIY: Step 4

Create an L shape with the wires attached to each arm. Then insert the wires to the inside sides of the wreath. Again, make sure the wire is firmly secured in the wreath.

Walmart DIY Holiday Project

Holiday DIY: Step 5

Changed your mind about the arm positions? No problem! Since the arms have a wire you are free to play with the positioning to find your favorite.

DIY Christmas Wreath

VOILA! So fun and so cute! Finally, you have completed crafting an adorable holiday wreath for your all your decorating needs. Whether you are new to crafts or a DIY expert, this fun project will be a hit with your whole family.

Walmart DIY Wreath
Walmart DIY Wreath

And from all of us here at PolyTEAK, we wish you and your family a very happy holiday! Share joy together this Holiday season.

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