Choosing the Best Outdoor Chair Cushions for Any Weather

Choosing the Best Outdoor Chair Cushions for Any Weather

Accessories such as cushions, a side table, or an ottoman can really make your outdoor living spaces shine. However, with so much time spent outside, you should certainly consider the material you use as you choose the Best Outdoor Chair Cushions to decorate your garden, patio, porch, or backyard. 

Best Outdoor Chair Cushions - Covered or uncovered?

Your outdoor cushions are especially important because you want them to be stylish and comfortable in addition to durable. Here are a few things to factor in as you decide the best outdoor cushions for you.

Best Outdoor Chair Cushions – Placement

First, where will your cushions be placed? If they will be in a covered deck or patio area, you may not need the high durability of waterproof materials like vinyl. On the other hand, if your cushions are uncovered and exposed to weather, you will need something that lasts longer.

Best Outdoor Chair Cushions – Weather and Climate

Where you live is also a factor in determining the best outdoor chair cushions for your needs. Areas of more extreme, changeable climates, whether that’s high humidity, heavy rains, or arid weather, sometimes require different outdoor cushion solutions.

Best Outdoor Chair Cushions - All Weather

Furthermore, consider the upkeep and whether you want to be able to leave your cushions out in the elements, or store away during different seasons.

Best Outdoor Chair Cushions – Materials

Best Outdoor Chair Cushions - What should you consider?

After you decide the location for your cushions, deciding which material best suits your needs is next. Some common outdoor cushion fabrics include:

  1. Polypropylene Fabric:This synthetic, man-made material is used often in outdoor coverings. While sturdy and hyper-durable, polypropylene fabric does not offer much in the comfort area.
  2. Canvas: Canvas, or “duck cloth”, is a durable fabric used for tents and work clothing.
  3. Vinyl: Although vinyl is fairly durable and easy to maintain, keep in mind that vinyl is less ideal for hotter climates. It retains heat which, as you can imagine, is not ideal come summertime! 
  4. Acrylic fabric: Acrylic is a great synthetic fabric option that resists both mildew and fading.
  5. Cotton: While a popular and affordable choice for comfort, cotton is more likely to rot and fade if exposed to the elements without treatment.

Best Outdoor Chair Cushions – Weighing Options

For outdoor cushions, four of the main deciding factors are: durability, comfort, price, and appearance. As far as price is concerned, you may end up spending more initially to get higher quality material. However, keep in mind that cheaper cushions may age, fade, or rot much faster. Therefore, you may need to replace them sooner than intended.

For the appearance of the chairs, we know that your style is uniquely yours! While choosing the best outdoor chair cushions for you, think about the color scheme and style of your outdoor living spaces.

Best Outdoor Chair Cushions – What Sets PolyTEAK Apart?

Here at PolyTEAK, our goal is to change the way all-weather furniture can look and feel. We’re reinventing outdoor style…and we’re just getting started! Our carefully crafted chairs feature our unique, tree-free PolyTEAK material which simulates the appearance and texture of real wood, without the hassle and tedious maintenance. Furthermore, our cushions offer a stylish and functional option for any outdoor living space.

Best Outdoor Chair Cushions - What sets PolyTEAK apart?

Made from high-quality polyester, these cushions are waterproof and weather resistant, and most importantly, easy to clean. You can wipe them down with water and a cloth or remove the covering to machine wash.

With outdoor cushions from PolyTEAK, you don’t have to compromise between comfort, beauty, and durability. Now is a great time for a backyard refresh in the new year! Buy your very own stylish and durable outdoor chair cushion today.

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