Choosing the Best Material for Adirondack Chairs

When looking for a long-lasting outdoor Adirondack chair, you are probably trying to decide what the best material for Adirondack chairs would be. So, what is the best material for Adirondack chairs? This is certainly a deciding factor in how long Adirondack chairs last. As such, let’s first unpack a little bit more about the Adirondack chair and what makes it so special. After that, we can discuss the best material for Adirondack chairs.  

What makes the Adirondack chair special?

Firstly, let’s start with what makes an Adirondack chair. The iconic Adirondack look has changed only slightly since it was first invented. Thomas Lee’s original Westport chair was made for maximum comfort in the rugged terrain of the Adirondacks.

With a high back, wide armrests, and a low, slanted seat, the current Adirondack chair still maintains that timeless grace, comfort, and durability. The Adirondack chair has developed over the years to include a contoured seat, offering maximum relaxation and comfort.

Different materials used for Adirondack chairs

However, while this style can be made using a variety of materials, using the best material for Adirondack chairs does make a difference in the longevity and ultimate enjoyability of your outdoor furniture.

Again, Adirondack chairs come in an assortment of materials, from wood to aluminum to plastic. For the most part, we’d like to focus on the pros and cons between wood Adirondack chairs and plastic Adirondack chairs, as they are some of the most popular choices.

Wood vs. Plastic materials for Adirondack chairs

Firstly, wood Adirondack chairs are certainly more expensive than plastic. However, that is due in large part to their beauty, sophistication, and strength. Furthermore, real wood has a specific texture that you won’t be able to find in standard plastic chairs.

Best Material for Adirondack Chairs: Wood

On the other hand, wood furniture is less likely to stay looking great for long periods of time. If you keep real wood chairs outdoors in the rain or other elements, they can rot, peel, crack, or lose their color. Wood requires regular repainting, staining, or waterproofing to keep them in the best shape possible.

Best Material for Adirondack Chairs: Fading Over Time

In contrast, plastic Adirondack chairs are affordable and easy to clean and maintain. Plastic Adirondack chairs are lightweight but surprisingly quite sturdy, able to withstand most weather conditions without rot, mold, splitting, or discoloration. However, their lightweight nature makes them easier to knock down by strong winds. In addition, plastic material is not always heat-resistant and can become quite hot to the touch, making sitting outside during the summer unpleasant.

Best Material for Adirondack Chairs: Plastic

Finally, plastic, while cost-efficient, does not offer the same sophistication and beauty that real wood does for Adirondack chairs. This leaves us with a little bit of a conundrum of what the best material for Adirondack chairs is.

What is the best material for Adirondack chairs?

Our unique, specially formulated PolyTEAK poly lumber material offers a solution to this problem. With PolyTEAK Adirondack chairs, you don’t need to compromise authentic wood-like beauty with durability that will last a long time.

Best Material for Adirondack Chairs: Poly Lumber

Additionally, poly lumber, like other plastic Adirondack chairs, is easy to clean and maintain. However, unlike standard plastic, PolyTEAK poly lumber is designed to simulate not only the look of, but also the texture and feel of real, authentic wood Adirondack chairs.

Best Material for Adirondack Chairs: PolyTEAK Poly Lumber

Therefore, you can experience the timeless comfort and style of your Adirondack chair without staining, waterproofing, or repainting.

In conclusion, deciding the best material for Adirondack chairs is all about weighing out the pros and cons and deciding what meets your needs. For us, sturdy, waterproof, and weather-resistant poly lumber is our top pick for the best material for Adirondack chairs.

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