7 Easy Tips to Be More Environmentally Conscious

7 Easy Tips to Be More Environmentally Conscious

To be more environmentally conscious, most of the time we just need to be more aware! A lot of the decisions we make daily are made for convenience but can have large consequences for our environment. Just cutting back on using single-use plastic can make a big difference. From food waste to tree-free furniture, there are many things you (yes, you!) can do. Therefore, here are several simple ways we can all do our part to be more environmentally conscious.

1. Start Composting

Composting your food waste is a really easy way to save space in landfills. You can set up a compost station in your backyard for convenient access. Simply dispose of all your food scraps, paper, and cardboard in your compost heap. This helps save space in landfills as well as reduce the amount of plastic trash bags used

2. Shop at Farmer’s Markets

If you can shop locally at farmer’s markets near you, that can go a long way in reducing plastic waste. Food is normally grown nearby and therefore requires less transportation which is better for the environment.

Be more environmentally conscious, shop at Farmer's Markets!

Furthermore, produce sold at farmer’s markets isn’t typically wrapped in plastic as they would be in grocery stores. Hint: you can further reduce your plastic-usage at farmer’s markets if you remember to bring your own reusable shopping bag!

3. Replace Soap Bottles with Bars

A lot of plastic is used to produce bottles of soap and body wash which is often not recycled properly. There’s an easy fix for this is: soap bars! If you’re itching for a new DIY project, you could even make your own soap bars at home. However, there are plenty of great store-bought soaps.

4. Avoid Bottled Water When Possible

Bottled water certainly uses a lot of plastic. Therefore, consider purchasing a refillable water bottle to reduce plastic waste. In addition, try to cut back on using plastic straws. A lot of businesses have taken the initiative and provided paper or other biodegradable straws, which is a great step toward being more environmentally conscious.

5. Shop Secondhand & Donate

Be more environmentally conscious by donating your secondhand clothes.

Instead of tossing out your old clothing, which likely contain synthetic materials that take years to break down, why don’t you donate your clothes? Donating your clothing to shelters or thrift stores, you are not only helping others but also the environment! Now when you get tired of your clothes, they can benefit someone else and you can both feel better about doing your part.

6. Kick the Habit(s)

There are two habits that are particularly harmful for the environment. First, because it can’t be avoided, smoking. Cigarette filters are made from plastic and while small, these make up a large portion of waste found in the trash island that is floating in the ocean. And if smoking has to stay, there are plenty of cigarette alternatives to look into. Next, which is something you might not think about, is chewing gum. Switch to plastic-free gum to help cut back on plastic usage as you become more environmentally conscious.

7. Choose Your Furniture Carefully

Be more environmentally conscious by saving trees.

Wood furniture is certainly beautiful. However, to meet the high demand for wood products and furniture, forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. In response, here at PolyTEAK, we designed our unique poly lumber material to look and feel just like real wood while being completely tree free.

Be more environmentally conscious by choosing tree free outdoor furniture.

We’re doing our part to save our planet, one tree at a time. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out! You can email us directly at support@polyteakoutdoor.com or give us a call at (949) 316-0010. 

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