About Us

Our story begins with a journey to buy some durable patio furniture.

Living near the coast in Southern California, you begin to appreciate the durability of your patio furniture. While the seasons may not be the most pronounced here, you do have to deal with salt spray from the ocean, a near-constant assault from the sun and even the occasional rain shower. These conditions can dramatically reduce the useful life of your furniture. Trust us, we've been through our share. 

While shopping online for some new chairs, we came across a great sounding product: a heavy-duty, all-weather chair that offered a 'painted wood-like appearance' and was naturally waterproof. This sounded perfect. While the chair arrived safely a few days after the order was placed, there was one big problem:

It didn't look a thing like wood.

The problem:

Traditional poly-lumber like HDPE is suitable for use in outdoor furniture, but it leaves much to be desired in appearance and style: the overall appearance is mottled, the feel is waxy and it doesn't look much like wood. Despite this, poly-furniture has enjoyed mainstream success thanks to it's natural durability and all-weather ruggedness.

The solution:

When designing our own furniture products, we knew that things could look so much better while still offering the same durability and easy maintenance. That's why we set out to create PolyTEAK®, a unique material that actually looks and feels like real teak wood!