Recycle in your garden

Recycle gardening tips 


  • Do not put your eggshell into garbage can immediately after use. Save it to make a seeds starter. Put your favorite seeds and soil on the bottom of the shell. You can plant the eggshell with seed directly into your garden after the seeds grows out.
  • You can also put broken eggshells on the current plant as organic fertilizer! 

Mini greenhouse

Save the plastic container of salad you just ate. It can be reused as a mini greenhouse for starting seeds in the spring. After you’re finished with your lunch, wash the container thoroughly. Use an awl and hammer to punch a few small holes in the top part of the container for airflow. Then fill the bottom half with potting mix or your own special seed-starting soil. Plant your seeds, spreading them out in the container as suggested on the seed packet. Give the seeds a small drink of water and close the lid. Place the container in a sunny spot, and patiently wait for your seeds to sprout!

The clear plastic container acts like a greenhouse, allowing the sun and warmth to reach the plants while holding in moisture.


To-Go Coffee Cup to Water Plants

A clean to-go coffee cup with a lid makes an excellent watering can. The hole in the lid is the perfect size for pouring the water slowly, so you don’t over water your plants. This quick watering can is especially useful for plants such as Aloe Vera and cacti that don’t require much water. Or for office plants, as clean to-go coffee cups with lids are usually readily available. Be sure to wash the cup and lid thoroughly before reusing it as a watering can.


Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are great for growing most plants but especially ones that don’t like their roots disturbed: beans, peas, and sweet peas. This is because you plant them directly into the soil outside without having to take the plant out.

Tip: they may start molding and breaking down before then but it’s nothing to worry about. Also make sure to peel back the tops of the roll before you plant them. This is especially important if you’ve not filled them all the way with compost.


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