Polyteak Premium Outdoor Patio Umbrella Giveaway

With summer quickly approaching, everyone wonders what the best outdoor patio umbrella there is to buy. Well, look no further! Our Polyteak outdoor patio umbrella is made with modern architectural design that enables a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces, perfect for any outdoor occasion. 

We are currently hosting a giveaway on our website and everyone can simply participate by entering their email!

Our umbrellas are made with 100% polyester material, it is easy to clean, long-lasting, UV resistant, and waterproof of course. This sturdy yet elegant umbrella comes in both 9ft and 11ft with 5 different color variations to choose from.

Get ready for summer and all of the upcoming seasons with this modern umbrella to bask in the sun and to use in the yard, pool, deck, restaurant, and café! 


    Much needed for the Florida sun.

  • Sharon Janicek on

    We need a new umbrella so bad!

  • Diana on

    Hope to win this awesome umbrella

  • Joan Olodort on

    Like we the umbrella.

  • douglas w grall on

    is would be great while enjoying my coffee

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