How to relax when you're feeling stressed. Rocking Chair Edition

The busy streets, everyday alarms to work, endless bills to pay, a sudden emergency, or whatever it may be— stress is something we all experience in our day to day lives. There are many ways to combat stress— but today, we are going to take a pause and appreciate a piece of rocking chair and how effectively it was proven as a safe space to relax when dealing with overwhelming emotions such as stress.

Do rocking chairs relieve stress?
Rocking is relaxing because it releases endorphins in the brain, which in turn improves mood and reduces stress. A rocking chair provides a familiar, consistent setting and can produce feelings of nostalgia and calm.

✔️ Reduces Back Pain

✔️ Improves Emotional State

✔️Helps in treating Insomnia

✔️Relaxation/Relieves Stress

✔️Enhances Blood Circulation

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